Worship Team Notes

Sunday, June 25th


Sunday, June 25 Songs:
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Sunday, July 2nd


Sunday, July 2nd Songs:

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  • O God Our Help
  • Never Once
  • Christ is Enough
  • You Are My King

Sunday, July 9th 


Sunday, July 9th Songs:

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  • I Have a Hope
  • How Firm a Foundation
    • How Firm Soprano
    • How Firm Alto
    • How Firm Tenor
    • How Firm Bass (sing melody)
  • Found in You
    • Found in You Soprano
    • Found in You Alto
    • Found in You Tenor
    • Found in You Bass
  • This I Believe
  • Blessed Assurance

Sunday, July 16th


Sunday July 16th Songs:

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Building a Theology of Worship
Wanting to grow in your biblical knowledge of worship?  Spend some time with these resources.

NEW QUICK VIDEO! Check out this 1 minute video from Bob Kauflin! Wow!

We Are Signposts

What is Worship? (Article)
John Piper teaches about true and biblical worship.

Entering the Presence of God (Article)
Bob Kauflin discusses worship and what is really going on when we lead in worship.

How Important is It? (Recording)
Mike Harland is the president of LifeWay Music Publishing, a songwriter and worship leader. This short (4:23) audio recording reminds us of the importance of what we are doing in worship.

Report an Absence
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I Will Be Gone


Summer 2017 - Greatest Hits

The Votes are in and here are the results:
  1. All Creation - July 16
    1. All Creation Soprano
    2. All Creation Alto
    3. All Creation Tenor
    4. All Creation Bass
  2. See You Again - July 23
    1. See You Again Soprano
    2. See You Again Alto
    3. See You Again Tenor
    4. See You Again Bass
  3. Found in You - July 9
    1. Found in You Soprano
    2. Found in You Alto
    3. Found in You Tenor
    4. Found in You Bass
  4. You Cover Me *Most Votes* - July 30
    1. You Cover Me Soprano
    2. You Cover Me Alto
    3. You Cover Me Tenor
    4. You Cover Me Bass
  5. Kingdom Come - August 13
    1. Kingdom Come Soprano
    2. Kingdom Come Alto
    3. Kingdom Come Tenor
    4. Kingdom Come Bass
  6. Power in the Name of Jesus - August 6
    1. Power in the Name 1st Soprano
    2. Power in the Name 2nd Soprano
    3. Power in the Name Alto
    4. Power in the Name Tenor
    5. Power in the Name Baritone
    6. Power in the Name Bass



New Choir Music

Holy (Psalm 29)  June 25th