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2-25-2018 Order of Worship


Open Up the Heavens
Open Up the Heavens pdf (not able to upload this chart for some reason... if you would like a copy please email me cramsey@ridgecrest.org and I'll send it to you.)

I Surrender All
I Surrender All pdf

No Longer Slaves
No Longer Slaves pdf

You Are For Me
You Are For Me pdf

Glorious Ruins
Glorious Ruins pdf

Building a Theology of Worship
Wanting to grow in your biblical knowledge of worship?  Spend some time with these resources.

Music is Great. Jesus is Greater - Bob Kauflin writes about the power of music, but how much greater Christ is.  This is a good one!!!

Check out this 1 minute video from Bob Kauflin! Wow!

We Are Signposts

What is Worship? (Article)
John Piper teaches about true and biblical worship.

Entering the Presence of God (Article)
Bob Kauflin discusses worship and what is really going on when we lead in worship.

How Important is It? (Recording)
Mike Harland is the president of LifeWay Music Publishing, a songwriter and worship leader. This short (4:23) audio recording reminds us of the importance of what we are doing in worship.

Report an Absence
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I Will Be Gone


Upcoming Songs

Sunday, March 18th
103 (Bless the Lord)
103 (Bless the Lord) PDF
Sunday, March 11th
Holy Ground
Holy Ground PDF
Sunday, February 25th
You Are for Me
You Are for Me PDF

Easter Music

Easter Music Page